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Grill M1 Edition Kit includes the following:

1. Grill M1 Edition Frame
2. Grill M1 Edition Surface
3. Premium carrying case
4. Cleaning tool
5. Ferro rod (Optional)
6. Striker (Optional)
7. Drying cloth
8. Allen key

Yes, that's a lot of stuff! But we just don't want you to be missing anything!

The core components of your Grill M1 Edition Kit (items 1 + 2 above) weigh in at 1.0 kg (2.2 lb). The complete set (items 1-8) weigh 1.25 kg (2.75 lb).

The included cleaning tool is great for a quick on-site cleaning of your Grill M1's surface. When you get home, the surface can be cleaned with hot water, steel wool and some soap. The frame can be wiped down with hot water, soap and a sponge. See detailed care instructions here.

Your Grill M1 Edition can carry up to 30 lb. How many hot dogs is that? A lot.

Grill M1 Edition Kit's shipped to Canadian and US destinations will not incur duties (although GST/HST may apply to Canadian orders). Grill M1 Edition Kit's shipped to other countries may be subject to local duties/VAT/import fees upon entry.

We genuinely respect our industry friends who have designed other portable grills. Many have come up with cheap solutions that fit some need or another. We believe one can respect both Kia and Tesla, while acknowledging that each design was built around very dfferent user conditions and requirements.

When we designed the Grill M1 Edition Kit, we designed it with thought and purpose. Here are just a few of the areas where the Grill M1 Edition Kit differs.

1- Number of pieces

Tubular, portable grills typically have 16+ pieces that need to be assembled together. This assembly experience is not only painful, but it means that you've got more pieces to lose out in the field, thereby increasing the risk that the grill will be tossed after a few uses. The WG Grill M1 Edition Kit was built around the thinking that a two-piece design (a rollable surface + frame) would lead to faster setup / teardown time, and decrease the chance that you'd lose a small piece. Fast setup time means you're more likely to be able to use you Grill M1 on a short hike, and fewer lost pieces equals a longer product lifetime.

2- Height adjustability

Of the tubular variations out there, one offers no height adjustability at all, while the the other offers only an inch or two. Non-tubular, portable grills don't tend to offer any height adjustability at all. In contrast, the Grill M1 Edition Kit goes all the way from stay-flat to 8.5". One fire doesn't fit all.

3- Materials

Of the tubular designs, one uses all stainless, but uses much thinner gauge legs, making it ill-suited for hotter fires. The other has aluminum legs (and lacks in the areas described above). While aluminum is a cheaper material, it also has a much lower melting point, also severely limiting its ability to be used in hotter conditions. Of the non-tubular designs, we typically see materials used that have very short lifespans, such as chrome-plated steel. Your Grill M1 Edition is made entirely out of stainless steel for corrosion resistance and heat endurance. In the highly unlikely case that something goes wrong with your Grill M1 Edition (even after a fire), our warranty terms cover post-fire usage.

4- Weight Capacity

Your Grill M1 Edition Kit can carry up to 30 lb, making it ideal for use with cast iron skillets, dutch ovens, etc. Others grills typically carry less than 10 lb.

5- Build Quality and Social Responsibility

When you buy Wolf and Grizzly, you buy quality. We use stainless steel throughout the design, and each component used is made with precision. We believe that the key to building sustainable products is to build ones that last. Your Grill M1 Edition Kit is meant to be passed from generation to the next, and to get people outdoors so that they can experience nature and desire to protect it.

6- Accessories

We pay attention to every single detail, in hopes that we cover every base. That's why each Grill M1 Edition Kit includes a carrying case, cleaning tool, drying cloth and allen key. We even give you a bit of spare paracord in case it comes in handy ;). We believe these accessory inclusions are the tell-tale sign of a company that cares about its customers, because we do.

7- Customer Service

There are humans that run this company. It may just be a handful of us, but we're humans that care. We're always around to help, and we don't disappear once a sale has been made. Reach out to us and ask us any questions you have-- pre or post purchase. Our address is info@wolfandgrizzly.com .

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