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What is included in my purchase?

The M1 Grill Kit includes the following:

  1. The M1 Grill Frame
  2. The M1 Grill Surface
  3. Premium carrying case
  4. Cleaning tool
  5. Ferro rod
  6. Fire starter
  7. Drying cloth
  8. Allen key

Yes, that's a lot of stuff!  But we just don't want you to be missing anything!

How much does the grill kit weigh?

The core components of the M1 Grill (items 1+ 2 above) weigh in at 1.0 kg (2.2 lb).  The complete set (items 1-8) weigh 1.25 kg (2.75 lb).

How do I clean this?

The included cleaning tool is great for a quick on-site cleaning of the grill surface.  When you get home, the surface can be cleaned with hot water, steal wool and some soap.  The frame can be wiped down with hot water, soap and a sponge.  See detailed care instructions here.

How much weight can it hold?

The M1 Grill can carry up to 30 lb.  How many hot dogs is that?  A lot.

Will I be charged import duties?

Grills shipped to Canadian and US destinations will not incur duties (although GST/HST may apply to Canadian orders).  Grills shipped to other countries may be subject to local duties/VAT/import fees upon entry.  

How is this different than (some cheaper grill)?

When we designed the M1 Grill, we designed it with a purpose.  The others always lack in at least one of the following areas-- but usually way more than that:

The "tubular" kind
We genuinely respect the folks who have designed a tubular grill.  But we feel we've innovated and improved in a number of critical areas.

1- Number of pieces
These grills typically have 16+ pieces that need to be assembled together.  This experience is not only painful, but it means that you've got more pieces to lose out in the field.  Lost pieces mean a grill that will no longer stand... or a grill with a giant gap, so we thought... hey, maybe a two-piece, rollable assembly that you can setup in seconds would be easier to use, and last longer.

2- Height adjustability
Of the variations out there, one offers no height adjustability at all, while the the other offers only an inch or two.  In contrast, the WG Grill M1 Edition goes all the way from stay-flat to 8.5".  One fire doesn't fit all.

3- Materials
Of the tubular designs, one uses all stainless (but lacks in the other areas described above), and the other has aluminum legs (and lacks in the areas described above).  While aluminum is a cheaper material, it also has a much lower melting point.  Consequently, it's more likely to