Adventure Around
The Corner

We design tools for people who find adventure around every corner. People who know it’s not where you are, but how you spend the time. People who seek to unplug, unwind, and appreciate the small moments in life.

The warmth of a campfire.

Meat sizzling on the grill.

The refreshing calm of an evening spent outside.

Feeling present and connected with friends and family.

Design Principles

1. Simple is Best - Loose pieces and assembly that requires an instruction manual have no place in your backcountry kit. Our gear can be set up in seconds, in the dark, at the end of a long day, with your eyes closed.

2. Age Beautifully - Tools should wear their age with pride. Every inch of patina on your grill is proof of the fires you’ve mastered and the meals you’ve shared.

3. Honest Materials - We’re committed to materials that speak for themselves. You’ll never find cheap coatings or metal finishes that can’t withstand years of rugged use outside. You depend on the raw materials in your gear and they should hold up every time.

From Our Founder

I started Wolf and Grizzly in 2016 with the firm belief that if outdoor tools could be usable, durable and well designed, they would help us to adventure on a whim — without all the planning, searching and packing. These tools would enable people to experience and live an outdoor lifestyle all year round.

Inspired, I left my career as an engineer to found Wolf and Grizzly. The name "Wolf and Grizzly" is meant to represent the unity of city and wilderness. Wolves, typically pack animals, represent the city. Grizzlies, normally living alone, represent the wilderness. Wolf and Grizzly exists to build tools that unite the yin and yang of adventure through robust and beautiful design - to create a set of goods that were built for adventurers in every context.

George Rizkalla
Founder & CEO