Campfire Trio

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Complete campfire cooking kit.

Campfire Trio has everything you need to elevate your campfire cooking experience. Portable, durable, and lightweight, it's the ultimate addition to any outdoor adventure.


Get the complete Wolf and Grizzly campfire cooking collection all in one kit. WG Grill to cook on, Fire Safe for easy, portable campfires, and Fire Set for consistent sparks that get the fire started every time.


You roll up to your campsite tired and hungry. In under a minute your fire pit is set up and you’re igniting your kindling with a fire starter. Add another minute and your grill is assembled and ready to provide a hot, delicious meal. Our seamless, minimal designs make that possible.

Tech Specs

weight 2 kg (4.42 lb)materials 304 Stainless steel, ferrocerium, nylon, jutewarranty 1 yr Limitedfuel type Charcoal & woodFuel Type Charcoal & WoodCalifornia Residents - Proposition 65 Information

Kit Contents

1. Foldable Grill Frame
2. Rollable Grill Surface
3. Fire Safe Insert
4. Foldable Fire Safe Base
5. Fire Set
6. Custom Grill Cleaning Tool
7. Compact Allen Key
8. Fire Safe Case
9. Microfibre Cloth
10. Grill Case


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